The mental messiah

  I have always thought of myself as ‘observant’ even to a fault. I will be sitting and watching things/people around me or reading a comment/blog/post of someone and I tend to want to read into what I observe while doing just such. I am a barstool philosopher an observationalist (yea I know not even a real word)  a somewhat ‘Critical thinker,’ (“somewhat” for those doubters of mine lol!) and this blog is just that an observation from my barstool.



 You see these “Mental messiahs” on YT,FB any and all social networks in the pulpit on TV or just the average leader of any cult or group. I am talking about people like Pat Robertson, Peter Gilmore , The Amazing Atheist, Ironcross66106(YT messiah) or for that matter Thomas Leroy(Sect of the horned god) anyone who believes that their own personal ideology somehow negates everyone else’s by their own sense of importance and look at me attitude.


  I love the arrogance in such brain fart thinking that would suggest that if you do not believe the bible to be 100% infallible and written, not inspired for everything is inspired by something, by God then you are not a “Christian” or if you do not believe in the absolutes of science and science only you are not a “Satanist” or you must be Catholic or a Baptist or a Pentecostal or a LaVey(ian) or a Theistic Satanist or any number of BS ways of boxing in any given worldview and snuffing out its ultimate goal.


  This idea of Iwannabespeacilaism (a shout out to Mr. Dread for that word)   so come follow my way is as funny as the people that make those claims. I have been there done that and can say that the universe is too large and mysterious for the pea brain of human existence to comprehend the totality of God. No one can lay claim to the final call of salvation to the world not Christians not Satanists not any one individual and that is what I believe the Avatars (ie: Jesus, Buddha, Krishna ect) were trying to say in the cultures that they were placed  and in the language and symbols/understanding of that culture. Each and every one of the “Avatars” (I would give Joseph Campbell that status in todays world) came to the  same point–The Kingdom of God is within you.


  Mental messiahs lol!  I look at them like a crap sandwich,  not going there 🙂

 Until we meet again..






One thought on “The mental messiah

  1. crap sandwich, lol. Something like that. I pretty much tell all these would be messiahs: “Don’t palm my hand with shit and call it a cup-cake. I know better.”

    Keep at it Tim!

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