Breaking up is hard to do

      Like the title says it is hard to leave certain situations without a sense of “loss” in ones heart.  I just recently(today) dropped out of a group/website because the direction was changing and IMO not for the better. I have for the most part practiced what I call TimISM which can be summed up by saying “A true champion stands alone” in that one must see his own way and triumph/conquer his own path to see clearly as it were.

    I did not leave for any other reason but it was my only VOTE, I am not an intellectual giant nor do I have some great ideas that the world or a website should stand up and applaud me, I am simply Tim, a husband and father and grandfather those three things shape my life. My absence may go unnoticed or my former presence may and most likely will fade away in a short time but time goes on and I see this as another step in my path.

 I will miss the people for sure even those that changed the direction so that I would contemplate leaving, no grudges no hurt just time to move on. I thank those persons for giving me the opportunity to learn and hopefully teach there.

 Just a short one on the taooftim 🙂  


7 thoughts on “Breaking up is hard to do

  1. ” “A true champion stands alone” in that one must see his own way and triumph/conquer his own path to see clearly as it were.”

    This also includes kicking the status quo in the balls and doing what you think is right for YOU and the rest be damned.

    Leaving a ‘group’ is like getting a divorce. You have to re-learn to stand on your own without referring to the opinions of others to see what’s what.

    Acceptance is slavery, slavery is easy. Going against the grain, against the current, is hard. Either you enjoy the comforts of what’s easy or you revel in the challenge of taking the hard road. The worst-case scenario, is being on the fence.

    Every group is put to the test of Fire. There will be casualties, and the chaff is burned off. Sometimes the Wheat is spoiled, it may be infected with a fungus that turns the remaining members into mindless drones… Zombies.

    Rule#1 in Zombieland…Cardio.

    Wise choice to get the fuck out, while you still had your brain. Zombies eat brains. They eat your brains and steal your knowledge.

    1. LOL! I love the “Zombieland” point, it is one of mine and my daughters favorite movies.

      Still a lot of great people on there that I enjoyed talking to and replying to in threads. I hope the best for them in life for sure.

  2. Good on you Tim to decide to go your own way, and without grudges. Having been watching said particular ego-fuelled trainwreck from afar, good to hear you’ve gone with integrity. As SIN implied, fungal infections are contagious. Keep your head on!


    1. Well ego sure did play a vital role, it does not help when Psychic vampires are patting you on the back and telling you how great you are and that those that mean something in your life are worthless but hey that is just my humble opinion.

      1. Psychic Vampires have been pulling the exact same schtick for thousands of years, Tim.

        “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.” – Jesus Christ, Luke 14:26

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