Month: September 2014

It’s official….You are F**Ked

   A bit misleading the title to this post is, or maybe not.


 I will have to admit that after years of labeling myself a “Christian” I have decided that (ok,ok so it was a while back but anyway) I see things more in a Pantheistic or Deistic way than anything else. God represents a conscience Universe that we are all connected to in some way-shape-or form. That is to say that “The Kingdom of God is within you” is the absolute truth as the Kingdom of God is all that IS.

 God in this instance can translate into all cultures and every person. In my ventures across the intranet I seem to find the same story over and over and over again, people trying to find their way and in doing so find themselves in a very real sense, without the need of societies and the laws help as it were. Not that easy from where I stand, my observation tells me that some want labels while others want substance, words are worthless as a menu item unless deeds are a side dish.  One does not come without the other whether it is Christianity or it is Satanism or any other belief, philosophy or whatever, substance is the main dish and for the most part what I have seen regardless of ideology..well it needs salt and plenty of it imo.

  I have never been one to dumb down my thinking for the sake of being PC and regardless of my Christian or Satanic viewpoints they have never been tailored to meet the standard put before me on YT or any other social site. I AM THAT I AM and that will have to do or you can go to Hell for lack of a better term. Christianity has ceased to go “From glory to glory” as it is said. and Satanism has become a shell of itself with all this ‘let ‘s all just get along’ crap….both labels are worthless and unworthy of my time.


 Just expressing myself. 🙂